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Treatment for communication disorders begins with a quality evaluation that considers the whole child. Marigold's speech-language pathologists are highly-skilled diagnosticians who work closely with families to fully understand their perspective and thoroughly evaluate each area of concern. An assessment may include both standardized measures as well as qualitative clinical assessment methods to holistically evaluate the strengths and needs of each child. 
Effective speech and language therapy services are tied directly to a quality evaluation that examines skills and interprets results. Following your child's evaluation, your therapist will analyze the results and design individualized treatment goals to target areas of need. These goals take into account each child's unique communication profile and are designed to maximize growth and progress.  Therapy sessions utilize effective, research-based interventions in the context of fun and engaging activities. 
Marigold Pediatric Therapies offers therapeutic evaluations and interventions for the following communication domains:
  • Language Delays and Disorders​​

    • Receptive skills (understanding)

    • Expressive skills (speaking)

  • Speech Delays and Disorders

    • Articulati​on skills 

    • Phonological skills

    • Apraxia of speech

  • Pragmatic Language

    • Social language skills

  • Fluency

    • Stuttering​

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Payment for all services is due at the time of service.
We are in-network with select insurance plans. 
For families who wish to submit invoices for services to alternate insurances, we are able to provide superbills at any time.  Superbills can be submitted by a family to their insurance to request reimbursement for services.
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