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Our Service Model

Marigold Pediatric Therapies offers highly-skilled speech and language therapies in a child's natural home or daycare environment. We provide exceptional services to busy families who want the best interventions for their child with the convenience of in-home evaluations and treatment. Our therapists meet the unique needs of each child using research-based interventions with a warmhearted, responsive approach. We service the Chicagoland area, including portions of McHenry, Kane, and DeKalb counties. 

Our Philosophy

Marigolds play an important role in a healthy, thriving garden.  They are known as "companion plants" because they protect and nourish fledgling sprouts, allowing them to take root and flourish.

At Marigold Pediatric Therapies, we are inspired by the role this humble, unassuming flower plays in the overall health and vitality of the garden.  We view our role as therapists to be grounded in a similar mission: to come alongside you and your child, nurturing their growth and progress through compassionate, relationship-centered therapy. 

Our ultimate goal is to support the development of each child, nourishing their gifts and talents as we celebrate their unique and meaningful contribution in the collective garden of our community.  

New Growth

Our History

Hi!  We are Ellen Henning and Jamela Robson - the clinical directors and co-owners of Marigold Pediatric Therapies.  We'd love to share with you a little about our story! 


We both entered the field of speech-language pathology fueled by a heartfelt desire to help children communicate and fully participate in the world around them.            

We began our careers in speech pathology working in the Special Education Department of Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 - a well-respected, high-performing district in the Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago.  Ellen spent 7 years with D-47, and Jamela 11, and we both thoroughly enjoyed working with students and educators to help bridge the gap between communication and academics.


We've been there and know: there are many wonderful, dedicated clinicians working in the school system to support children.  But caseloads are high, paperwork is siphoning time away from intervention, and qualifying for services can be a difficult and lengthy process.  Therapy sessions in the schools are frequently limited to 20 minutes and split between students who may have vastly different goals, resulting in even less time specifically devoted to individual students' needs.  The reality is, children receiving private therapy services have direct access to individualized, specifically-designed intervention supports that are all but impossible to replicate in the school-based therapy model

In the spring of 2019, inspired by our desire to work more closely with families and provide truly individualized services, we launched Marigold Pediatric Therapies: a private therapy practice offering exceptional speech and language services in the comfort of your home.  Combining our years of experience with customized private services enables us to provide child-centered, family-connected speech and language services of the highest quality.


Partnering with Marigold Pediatric Therapies ensures your child will receive the best therapy interventions possible.  We want you to breathe easier knowing that when you choose Marigold, you are investing your time, resources, and hopes in a relationship with a therapist who will listen to your concerns and wholeheartedly support the development of your child's communication skills.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us today!  We'd love the opportunity to talk with you personally to answer any questions you may have about your child's communication and how Marigold Pediatric Therapies might be able to play a part in supporting your child's growth!

We look forward to talking with you soon!

~Ellen & Jamela


Our Team

Ellen Henning, MA, CCC-SLP/L

Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Ellen 2 bw.jpg

Ellen so sincerely enjoys communicating with kids! She is committed to building relationships with children and seeing their skills soar. Ellen aims to make therapy fun and engaging, working with imagination and creativity of mind and heart. Her experience is diverse, having serviced preschool-age to adolescent students over the last seven years in the school setting. In addition to school-based therapy, Ellen also has clinical experience working privately with families and children. She is skilled at diagnosing speech-language impairments while breaking down the technical jargon to help parents understand their child's strengths and needs. She has wide-ranging experience targeting speech, language, and social skills. Ellen and her husband have full hands and hearts as brand new parents! They welcomed sweet baby Isaac to their family in the spring of 2019. They read, play, love, and live in Sycamore.

Jamela Robson, MA, CCC-SLP/L

Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Jamela bw.jpg

Jamela (aka: Miss Jae) loves meeting kids at their level, getting to know their unique personalities, and working together to accomplish big goals!  Seeing kids light up when they feel confident, successful, and celebrated is a driving force behind Jamela's approach as a therapist. She has experience in both clinical and school-based settings, including 10 years in specialized programs for children with language-based learning challenges and complex communication profiles.  She is skilled at evaluating and treating a wide variety of communication disorders, delays, and differences such as childhood apraxia of speech, articulation impairments, phonological speech disorders, auditory processing deficits, language processing deficits, vocabulary and word retrieval challenges, receptive and expressive language delays and disorders, fluency challenges (i.e., stuttering), phonological/phonemic awareness skills, oral and written narrative skills, selective mutism, linguistic problem solving deficits, and social/pragmatic challenges and differences.  Jamela is collaborative, genuine, and passionate about helping kids succeed and flourish.  She is the proud mother of two little girls, ages 5 and 7 who keep her on her toes and always learning!  Jamela and her husband live in Crystal Lake.

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